Squash Workshops

Online Workshops

Through Lockdown it has been discovered the power of Zoom workshops and have been delivering lessons on cardio, movement , tactical analysis and mental strength.

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Hungarian Squash Federation National Coaches Workshop at the Aktiv Squash Club, Budapest - August 2020

With courses designed for a minimum of eight people, we provide outstanding squash workshops and tutorials nationwide. We enjoy running workshops for groups of coaches and players and we will discuss how to develop clubs and the full A-Z of squash. If you have a particular area of squash you'd like to cover in a workshop, contact Steve Franks Academy Squash today and we can organise a session!

What We Can Cover

From A to Z on squash, we can advise and help you to develop all areas. We have the facility to bring in additional coaches for specific subjects and our bespoke workshops and coaching can be tailored to your needs. For outstanding seminars and workshops that are tailored to you, choose us!

Excited by Our Workshops?

If you’re interested in our squash workshops and tutorials, give us a call!